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Tell Me How It Ends

Liverpool Everyman Theatre


The 1980s, a time of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads, the emergence of MTV, and when an epidemic brought with it prejudice, fear, and new attitudes around being queer. In hospital rooms across the country, and indeed the world, groups of lesbians were ensuring that gay men diagnosed with HIV/AIDS were not forgotten or left to suffer alone. Many families turned their backs on their loved ones out of fear, but the lesbian community stepped up to support a part of society that many had marginalized.

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The Legend of Ned Ludd

Liverpool Everyman Theatre


The concept of machines taking over the world has a long tradition within popular culture. From Terminator’s thumbs up as he descends to a fiery death, to Westworld, I Robot and 2001: A Space Odyssey, technology is often portrayed as going rouge to create a form of dystopian future. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Fakes, and outsourcing of work to automation the apocalyptic wasteland can feel as though it’s within touching distance.

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2024 Upcoming Shows

All Along the M62 Corridor

Happy New Year! With a new year comes a new set of productions within the local area, so we thought we’d share details of some of the productions which will be coming to the local area in 2024 that we are most excited about. With a few productions, particularly those at ATG Theatres, the touring productions are on in both Liverpool and Manchester at different times of the year. This means we’re able to look at what dates work best for us, or to see productions multiple times.

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Cinderella Rock 'n' Roll Panto

Liverpool Everyman Theatre


The yearly rock ’n’ roll panto at the Everyman has become an institution of Liverpool in the same way as the Superlambbanana and purple wheelie bins are icons of the city. This year’s panto is Cinderella, but with a clever twist. Written by Luke Barnes and directed by James Baker, the show is a refreshing interpretation of the traditional fairytale. This Cinderella isn’t a damsel in distress, she’s her own comic book hero delivering a message of self-love and how being true to yourself is the most important thing.

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High Times and Dirty Monsters

Liverpool Everyman Theatre


High Times and Dirty Monsters is like no show we have seen before. Combining acting, dancing, and beatboxing, this fast paced, episodic production is raw and hard-hitting. A collaboration by Liverpool based 20 Stories High, Graeae Theatre Company, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse and LEEDS 2023, this show is the output of workshops that have been held throughout the last year asking what’s good (the high times) and what’s bad (the dirty monsters) about being young in 2023.

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Birkenhead born playwright Michael Wynne has a Midas Touch when it comes to creating thought provoking plays that perfectly encapsulate Merseyside family life. His latest offering Cuckoo is absolutely no exception. Created in partnership with the Royal Court Theatre London, BAFTA and Olivier Award winner Wynne has created a dark comedy that showcases multi-generational family dynamics, the different ways of coping in an unpredictable world, and the different responses people have to societal issues.