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Mersey Tunnel Tour

Mersey Travel


Hidden in plain sight is a unique way to experience Liverpool; from the underground! For just £10 per person, Mersey Travel offer a unique tour of the Queensway Tunnel which runs under the River Mersey and connects Liverpool and Birkenhead together. Lasting approximately 2 hours and limited to 20 people at a time, the tour takes in the original control room, giant ventilation fans, the rescue areas underneath the roadway, a section of the Old George Dock, and even out onto a gangway of the tunnel whilst cars are driving through.

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Old Dock Tour

Liverpool Maritime Museum


If you have ever been shopping at Liverpool One, you may have noticed that in between the Starbucks and John Lewis is a viewpoint down into the old dock that the entire shopping centre is built on. But did you know that you can go on a full tour of the remaining dock with Liverpool Maritime Museum? The tour tells the story of the world’s first commercial enclosed wet dock, and the impact that this had on the development of the city of Liverpool.