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Bees: A Story of Survival

World Museum Liverpool


The latest temporary exhibition at World Museum Liverpool sees the museum partner with multi-disciplinary artist Wolfgang Buttress to produce a fascinating insight into the world of bees, how they have adapted to survive since the time of the dinosaur, and how vital they are to the survival of humanity. The exhibition blends interactive displays, sculptures, lights and media across 8 different rooms. The first room contained detailed information about bees, with computer displays covering everything from the anatomy of a bee through to the different species of bees around the world.

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Return of the Gods

World Museum Liverpool


World Museum Liverpool’s latest temporary exhibition is a family-friendly exploration into the earliest superhero tales; the mythology of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome. Displaying the extensive collection of 18th Century antiquarian Henry Blundell of Sefton, statues over 2 metres tall have been combined with over 100 sculptures and objects to show how everyday life was influenced by mythology. This is the first time so much of Henry Blundell’s collection has been displayed in one exhibition.